Three priorities to Keep our Communities Strong

Protecting Americans from harmful influence by hostile foreign adversaries.

One of the most elemental and vital functions of government is to protect its citizens from foreign threats. The foreign threats Americans face today are real and varied.

US intelligence leaders are united in their assessment that the Chinese Communist Party is the “most consequential threat” to U.S. national security. Whether it’s China’s well-known attempt to influence our youth via TikTok and collect their private information, or the increasing prevalence of Chinese spy balloons gathering intelligence over American airspace, we must strengthen our efforts to protect against the growing threat posed by China on many fronts.  The war in Ukraine has reminded us that other long-standing threats to our national security remain, such as the growing nuclear threat posed by Russsia and the dangers we face from transatlantic criminal organizations.

There are growing threats from abroad to our economic security as well. We must vigorously protect American ideas and innovation, key drivers of economic growth, from foreign competitors seeking to steal U.S. intellectual property, and shore up and secure critical supply chains from foreign competitors as well.

We support policies that strengthen both our national and economic security – keeping Americans safe from ever-evolving foreign threats.

Strengthening American businesses by reining in needless government overreach.

American businesses are drowning in a sea of costly and burdensome regulations. The huge cost to businesses to comply with our enormous regulatory state is ultimately passed on to everyday Americans, who see higher prices in everything they buy from food to cars to electronics.  One recent study found that our federal regulatory framework now represents an annual $2 trillion drag on the American economy.  Another study found that the regulatory explosion in the last two years has increased the regulatory paperwork obligation faced by businesses by 220 million hours.

Unelected bureaucrats in government agencies should not have enormous unchecked power over American businesses.  We support policies that reduce the regulatory burden businesses face so companies both large and small are free to spend their time harnessing American ingenuity for the good instead of complying with a costly, growing list of regulations and paperwork.

Empowering Americans to make choices that suit their communities’ needs.

Americans deserve the fundamental right to maintain control over the choices and matters that directly impact their homes and livelihoods. It is crucial that we do not surrender more power to the government, allowing them to make one-size-fits-all policy decisions on our behalf. Our families and communities thrive when they are empowered to make decisions tailored to their unique needs.

Above all, American families should have access to reliable information and accurate data to make informed choices that benefit their loved ones, communities, and the nation as a whole. We advocate for policies that promote sound science and evidence-based decision-making. We firmly reject heavy-handed mandates, which exemplify a culture of government overreach.

Join us as we stand together in safeguarding the rights of American families and communities, empowering them to make smart choices that uphold their values and ensure a prosperous future.


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